Lydia ~ Zyphryus

2007 Collaborations with Joseph Larkin
Inspired by the Surreal Exquisite Corpse fad at at, Joseph Larkin and I decided to do a collaboration. We both did one half of a drawing, and then send it to the other person, covering all but part of our piece, less than an inch strip down the middle. The other person completes the drawing, based on what they see in that thin strip.
Go see Joseph's Website.

I did the left half first, and sent it to Larkin to do the right half.
Larkin did the left half first, and sent it to me to finish the right half.

March 2006 Collaboration with Steven Newlin.
For this project, Steven sent the same 6 images to different artists in an effort to see the differences in creative ideas. The rules were to use all of the images in some work of art. I decided to separate each image to become its own work of art, and apply a cryptic story by use of cut text.
See Steven's website at

I will post more in collaboration soon. Some of it is text based.

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