Posted: July 14, 2008

CONVENTIONS * I had an art table at Wizard World Chicago June 26-29th.
* I WILL have an art table attending GenCon Indianapolis, August 14-17th.
* I may be attending HorrorHound Indianapolis in October.

ART and ILLUSTRATIONS * I have some work in the Broadripple Art and Design Gallery.
* I am working on illustrations for one or more RPG book publications. More details when The projects are more complete.
* I am accepting commissions - Currently working on a dark fantasy painting, private commission.

MUSIC * In late 2007 I Joined an Industrial Rock band called Form30.
* July 12th 2008 was our first show at Radio Radio, In indianapolis, at Fountain Square.
*August 3rd, 2008 - Form30 is playing with "URN" at Birdy's in Indianapolis.

Posted: December 07, 2007
* November 8-12 ~ I attended and displayed art at Con on the Cob! in Akron Ohio - Fun event!
* November 24-25th ~ I had an artist booth at Mid Ohio Con. Lots of Networking, Making friends, doing art trades, and selling some artwork.
* I finished a cover commission for Dark Recesses Press. See work here in the 'New Works' category.

Posted: September 11, 2007
August 31st - Sept 3rd, I was Tommy Castillo's table assistant at Dragon Con, Atlanta GA. It was a blast.

Sept. 7th - I was a participant of Art vs Art! My work didn't make it into the finals, but It was one of the first pieces to get bought.

Sept. 8th - T.C. Steele paint on site art competition. Fun.

Posted: August 22, 2007
Wizard World Chicago was a success, not in funds, but in networking. I met some great people, and made a lot of new friends. This networking and friendmaking continued on into the next weekend, where I visited people at GenCon in Indy, where I live. I have been invited to help with an artist table at Dragon Con in Atlanta GA, labor day weekend.

Posted: August 8, 2007
I am now located in Indianapolis, IN. New apartment, new job, new bills!

I did a July illustration for 'Strange Horizons' - A story called 'Brazos' by Jerome Stueart... See the artwork and story HERE.

Other projects: I am also working on illustrations for a children's book, and I may be doing the first tangeable cover for an online zine going hard-copy.
ALSO, last but not least, I am working on a comic with some international friends. "Overwhelm". One can sign up for the newsletter and see the details for it HERE.

April 24, 2007
Job search in Indy last week.
Tickets booked to visit Riverside California to do job search and see friends.
NEW website created specifically for my concept art (to show when I apply for concept art jobs)

Jan. 7 - Feb. 2 2007
Art show at the Tutto Bčne Gallery. Bloomington Indiana.

Early 2007
Artwork accepted for issue 6 at Dark Recesses Press, a semipro webzine.

Dec. 4th, 2006
Participation and artist display at the Bangers and Mash Fair, to promote fair trade for artisans. Norwich, Norfolk. UK.

Sept 9 - October 14 2006
Art Show: Paintings, Mixed Media and Sketches at the Columbus Center For Visual Communication. Columbus, Indiana
See the online Flyer

June 11th - July 21 2006
England visit - Norwich, Norfolk.

April 7th 2006
Art Show: Columbus, Indiana - Art Walk. Exhibition and performance in store window, Washington Street.

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